James Chua • Web Developer

I have been a LAMP Stack Web Developer since the early dotcom days and a Full Stack Developer in the past 4 years. I live and work in San Jose, California and I design and develop applications from custom online forms, system portals and KPI dashboards at my day job. I have been refactoring legacy native PHP and MySQL with VueJS on the client side consuming Laravel API on the backend in the past 4 years at work.

My interest in Web Development started in the late 1990's when friends and relatives started requesting to build their personal or business websites mostly for free. One client paid in a bag full of range golf ball tokens :). I realized then that I love designing and developing websites. I must have taken every programming and web development classes and received certifications at San Jose City College and Evergreen Valley College. And since I was taking night classes, I was very fortunate the instructors were real programmers at their day job.

I enjoy coding with VueJS more than ReactJS and AngularJS and Tailwind CSS over other UI frameworks. I just find VueJS more flexible and less-opinionated. My personal website was created with NuxtJS and Tailwind CSS. In my opinion, a Web Developer's best attributes are the adaptability to change and constantly learning new technologies and methodologies.